Package hermes

Interface Summary
Optimizer<A extends HObject,B extends HObject,GroupA extends GenericGroup<A,?>,GroupB extends GenericGroup<B,?>> Determines which beings are compared and potentially interacted by Interactor.

Class Summary
Being General game object class.
BoundingBoxCollider<A extends Being,B extends Being> A basic collision detector.
Collider<A extends Being,B extends Being> An Interactor that detects collisions between Beings based on their shape.
GenericGroup<A extends HObject,B extends Collection<A>> Groups together generic HObjects using the specified collection that share common attributes and interact with another group of HObjects.
Group<A extends HObject> Groups together Beings that share common attributes and interact with other HObjects.
HCamera HCamera determines which Beings get drawn.
Hermes Library class for broad scale static helpers, storage of PApplet
HermesMath A collection of helpful math utilities.
HObject Basic game object class.
InteractionHandler<A extends HObject,B extends HObject> This class contains support code for detecting interactions and handling them.
Interactor<A extends HObject,B extends HObject> An Interactor defines some conditional relationship between two HObjects.
Pair<A,B> Utility for wrapping a pair of objects.
SelfInteractionOptimizer<A extends Being> This Optimizer reduces the time needed to handle interactions between all members of the same group, and also eliminates duplicate interactions.
World The World defines a 'game state': it keeps track of all the Beings, Groups, and their interaction.